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Mother of the Bride Dresses: All in or Not?

It may not be your day, but you cannot ignore its significance in your life. Your daughter is getting married, and you have to look the part. Of course, you don’t want to take the attention away, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself just because you are plus-sized.

Bear in mind that you will be in the front row of most of the special day’s events. You will need a dress that will compliment the fulfilment of this vital role. Luckily you have options to choose from when selecting plus size mother of the bride dresses.

Why Do You Need to Look Your Best

You may not be a fan of dressing up, but you will have to make an exception for this special occasion. Sure, sweatpants are your ideal wear, but you can’t show up dressed in them. You need to look your best because of the following reasons

  •  You will probably be walking down the aisle
  • It’s an important event
  • You will be mingling with guests
  • You might have to say a few words
  • You will be sitting at the front row

The list goes on and on. The role you will be playing on that day cannot be overlooked. So, get ready to shop and get the perfect dress.

How to Find the Perfect Dress

People cannot blame you for wanting to find the perfect dress for the occasion. It is important and sentimental to you. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect mother of the bride dress.

Start Early

Do not wait until the last minute to start shopping for a plus-sized dress reason notwithstanding. It would be best if you began to search early for a mother of the bride plus-size dress. An early start will ensure that you have enough time to compare and narrow down your choices. You will also have enough time for alterations and modifications if necessary.

Open Communication

If possible, engage your daughter on what kind of dress she would like to see you wear. Keep in mind that her input is very vital. She might also want to see the dress before you buy it. Keeping her informed through the whole process will help ease any wedding preparation stress she might be experiencing.

Blend with the Theme

You should be familiar with the wedding theme and the colors that the event will use. The information will help in narrowing down your search to compliment the same. You will also be able to choose a style that you are comfortable wearing.

Have a Budget

You will come across many beautiful options that will be in line with your preferences. It is crucial to have a budget in mind to avoid going overboard or settling for low quality. The budget will ensure that you work with something that doesn’t drain you financially.

Partner with Mother of the Groom

You will need to involve your in-law in your quest for a plus-size dress if she is still around or the person standing in for her. If possible, you need to shop together so that the two of you will be in sync during the wedding. It will also give you a chance to bond.

 You cannot go for an expensive dress when you know the groom’s side can’t afford it or vice versa. Both of you need to know what the other will be wearing to create a tune ensemble.


The last thing you want to be doing is fidgeting in your dress or trying to cover up bare parts. If you don’t like showing off the skin, use a shawl or go for an item of clothing that covers. The wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you have to make the most of the day. You need to laugh, dance, sit, stand, and enjoy every bit of it. A comfortable dress is everything.


What hairstyle and accessories will you be wearing that day? They need to have the perfect balance to compliment your dress. If you are going for an elegant look, then the hairstyle and accessories need to enhance this look when you put on your mother of the bride dress. 

Times have changed from the traditional expectations, and therefore you should settle for the best choice. You can have your daughter and mother of the groom see your intended look before the D-day. They can offer a few pointers and give an honest opinion on whether you should keep it or toss it. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking yourself on that day. It is a special day for you too. The important thing is to look good and compliment your daughter’s look. You don’t have to match with the bridesmaids unless your daughter wants you to.