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A Substation Wedding

In August on a cold winter day, two fiances joined together in marriage.I met  Becky and Scott a couple of months before their wedding at One Fine Day Melbourne and we got chatting about their wedding. When they told me their plans, I simply had to be a part of their day.

Their wedding reflected their love of travel and it was amazing to see the colorful wedding set against a dramatic background.

Thanks to Becky and Scott for allowing me to be a part of their wedding. Thanks to Kadphotography for capturing.

Catering :Wood and Spoon
Styling and Management :Wedding Day Pa
Linen: Table Art
Chairs: Dann Event Hire
Table and Bentwoods: Complete Function Hire
Band: Shamboogie
DJ: Luke Foskey
Cake: Miss Ladybird Cakes
Instagram: Social Playground
Love letter lights: alphabetty

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Florals : Tori Allen Events

Cake: Miss Lady Bird Cakes



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