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Sharon loves Chris- A Newport Substation wedding

Every girl dreams of their big day. After so many years of planning, I am excited to share the behind the scenes from my own special day.

To all my suppliers, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have pulled off the wedding of my dreams without you. This industry is based on amazing people who work their absolute hardest and deserve all the accolade.

So here we go #letsgetmarreayed Behind the scenes shot by Ken from Hikari Photography and Lakshal Perera

Photography : Our amazing photographer Lakshal Perera.. He was the first vendor we booked 18 months before the wedding. I guess Chris and I had some criteria when picking a photographer and they were: easy going, great photos and no poses. Lucky ticked all those boxes and even became our driver on the day. (Thanks Lucky)-

Hair : Marie Uva from Uva Salon ( (Bride), Zoe O’Meara and Jodie Poter (Bridesmaids), They were all so great to work with and made us look amazing

Makeup- Amy Harrisson Jess- Amy was simply amazing. She did my makeup for 3 days and the bridesmaids as well and i couldn’t recommend her highly.

Styling- Wedding Day Pa( also known as mOI on the day coordination, my amazing assistant Tara

Prop hire- All our furniture were hire through Complete Function Hire.

Flowers: My amazing friend Shane from Botanics created the indoor forest for us:

Stationery/paper goods : Another of my close friends and awesome designer : Marita from Adelphi Mou created our whole suite of invitations:

Our invites were marble blocks weighing 500g (which we hand delivered) to all our guests and they were made by the girls from peep designs.

Celebrant : The lovely Koren Harvey. She was just the best and captured our relationship to the T..

Music : Essential Band who also played at our engagement and DJ Reggie Ganji who was one of my previous groom.
Catering : Cookes Food created a sumptuous feast for us.
Cake : Our wedding cake was kindly made by my aunty and all of our desserts were created by the ever talented Gina from Miss Lady Bird Cakes.
Favours : We decided against having favours instead donated the money to Prader Willi Victoria , a cause close to our hearts.
Rings : Paul Bram my engagement ring and our wedding rings were from there.

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  • Tova

    Sharon, this looks AMAZING!! Elegant, timeless and full of personality. So glad we found you for our day 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Wedding Day PA

      Ditto.. here..i absolutely can’t wait for your big dayReplyCancel

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