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Chrystal Loves Andrew- Campbell Point House

We met Chrystal and Andrew pretty much straight after they got engaged in 2014. There was a long search for venues but Chrystal always had her heart set on Campbell Point House.

As a wedding planner, our job is to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible.A lot of our events involve pretty intense setting up, it’s all part and parcel of designing and building something from the ground up… but when you see the look on the guests faces , it makes the long hours all worthwhile.


Full event management : Wedding Day PA

Florals: Botanics

Stationery: Adelphi Mou

Cake : Miss LadyBird CakesChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-1P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-2P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-3P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-4P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-5P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-6P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-7P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-8P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-9P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-10P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-11P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-12P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-13P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-14P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-15P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-18P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-19P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-21P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-24P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-26P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-31P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-32P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-35P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-36P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-37P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-41P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-44P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-45P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-46P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-47P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-50P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-51P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-52P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-53P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-55P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-58P I N this to pinterestChrystal+Andrew_StylingShots-59P I N this to pinterest

Hire Furniture: Pepper Sprout and Co

Photos: Love Katie and Sarah

Video: Orchid Studio

Hire letter: The three piece suit

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