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Every girl dreams of their big day. After so many years of planning, I am excited to share the behind the scenes from my own special day.

To all my suppliers, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have pulled off the wedding of my dreams without you. This industry is based on amazing people who work their absolute hardest and deserve all the accolade.

So here we go #letsgetmarreayed Behind the scenes shot by Ken from Hikari Photography and Lakshal Perera

Photography : Our amazing photographer Lakshal Perera.. He was the first vendor we booked 18 months before the wedding. I guess Chris and I had some criteria when picking a photographer and they were: easy going, great photos and no poses. Lucky ticked all those boxes and even became our driver on the day. (Thanks Lucky)-

Hair : Marie Uva from Uva Salon ( (Bride), Zoe O’Meara and Jodie Poter (Bridesmaids), They were all so great to work with and made us look amazing

Makeup- Amy Harrisson Jess- Amy was simply amazing. She did my makeup for 3 days and the bridesmaids as well and i couldn’t recommend her highly.

Styling- Wedding Day Pa( also known as mOI on the day coordination, my amazing assistant Tara

Prop hire- All our furniture were hire through Complete Function Hire.

Flowers: My amazing friend Shane from Botanics created the indoor forest for us:

Stationery/paper goods : Another of my close friends and awesome designer : Marita from Adelphi Mou created our whole suite of invitations:

Our invites were marble blocks weighing 500g (which we hand delivered) to all our guests and they were made by the girls from peep designs.

Celebrant : The lovely Koren Harvey. She was just the best and captured our relationship to the T..

Music : Essential Band who also played at our engagement and DJ Reggie Ganji who was one of my previous groom.
Catering : Cookes Food created a sumptuous feast for us.
Cake : Our wedding cake was kindly made by my aunty and all of our desserts were created by the ever talented Gina from Miss Lady Bird Cakes.
Favours : We decided against having favours instead donated the money to Prader Willi Victoria , a cause close to our hearts.
Rings : Paul Bram my engagement ring and our wedding rings were from there.

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In November last year,Kate and Josh wed atop an iconic Melbourne rooftop. Naturally styled, simple and quite effortless with an array of white roses scattered, guests could be forgiven in thinking they were in Europe. Panama Dining Room was transformed into a beautiful venue with a display of white peonies and roses which added a feminine touch to the urban/rustic surroundings.

Kate turned to the talented J’Aton duo to create her eternally chic gown, which was complimented perfectly by the simplicity of her black bridesmaid dresses and black tuxes.

Beck Rocchi captured the amazing photos.

We helped Kate with her big day by providing on the day styling.

Images by Beck Rocchikate12P I N this to pinterestkate11P I N this to pinterestkate10P I N this to pinterestkate9P I N this to pinterestkate8P I N this to pinterestkate7P I N this to pinterestkate6P I N this to pinterestkate5P I N this to pinterestkate4P I N this to pinterestkate3P I N this to pinterestkate2P I N this to pinterestkate1P I N this to pinterestPHOTOGRAPHY:  Beck Rocchi Photography
BRIDE’S DRESS:  J’Aton Couture
BRIDE’S SHOES: Scanlan and Theodore
GROOMS FORMAL WEAR: Suits by Travellers Apparell, Shirts by Godwin & Charli and Bow Ties by Mrs Bow Tie
WEDDING RINGS: Janai Jewellery
HAIR:  Raymond Charles (Edwards & Co)
MAKEUP:  Kaysia Joy
FLORIST: The Fresh Flower Man
CAKE: Splendid Servings
RECEPTION VENUE: The Panama Dining Room

2018- Can you believe how fast the year went? After some time away from weddings, i was so excited to be back for the wedding of Courtney and Ollie. I remember speaking to them over a year ago via Skype and when Courtney showed me her amazing Paolo Sebastian, I knew this was going to be a goodie.

Having worked at my fave Melbourne venue for countless weddings, we thought we should bring the opulence of a dark and moody wedding right in the middle of Melbourne High Summer. It’s amazing how colors change a venue.

Thank you Courtney and Ollie for being great clients. Wishing you the best marriage ahead.

Styling: Wedding Day PA

Florist: Botanics of Melbourne

Stationery: Adelphi Mou

Cake: Miss Ladybird

Venue: Panama Dining Room

Behind the Scenes Shots: Hikari PhotographyP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterest

It’s very hard for me to pick a favourite wedding, but this one would be up there. Not only were the couple amazing to deal with, but they gave us free reign in setting our creative hats in motion.

Foliage and gold was a main feature of their wedding, from the save the dates, to wedding invites, to florals.

We wanted to create an elegant wedding and boy were the results amazing.

Congrats again Becky and Rob.


170225WPA-010P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-012P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-014P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-017P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-018P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-019P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-026P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-027P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-028P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-029P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-031P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-032P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-034P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-035P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-036P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-037P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-038P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-039P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-043P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-044P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-046P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-050P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-052P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-053P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-055P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-056P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-058P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-059P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-060P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-061P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-064P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-065P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-067P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-069P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-073P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-075P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-076P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-079P I N this to pinterest170225WPA-080P I N this to pinterestVenue: Panama Dining Room

Styling: Wedding Day PA

Florals: Botanics of Melbourne

Stationery: Adelphi Mou

Linen and table numbers : Table Art

Annika and Stephen were my gorgeous clients based in England. I loved working with them over two years in ensuring that their day was absolutely magical. Hailing from Myrtleford, Annika wanted to get married on her parent’s property and what a stunning property it was. The views were to die for and we wanted to work with the natural elements itself.

Loved working with these two.

Captured by Eric Ronald

Full planning and styling: Wedding Day PA

Florals: Sassy Bird Flowers

Stationery: Adelphi Mou

AnnikaStephen-179P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-180P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-183P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-353P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-356P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-357P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-361P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-363P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-364P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-379P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-384P I N this to pinterestAnnikaStephen-391P I N this to pinterest

On a gorgeous summer day, Amy and Raphael were married at the glorious stones of the yarra valley.

Their wedding was a reflection of a classic affair with an organic touch. Stones was the perfect backdrop in executing their brief.

We loved working with an amazing group of suppliers. Thanks Amy and Raphael for trusting us with your big day.

Full styling: Wedding Day PA’
Florals: Sassybird flowers
Stationery: Adelphi Mou
Linen: Table Art
Wedding photo: Two Peaches Photography
Behind the scenes set up: Michelle Luc

TPP1266P I N this to pinterestTPP1267P I N this to pinterestTPP1217P I N this to pinterestTPP1218P I N this to pinterestTPP1262P I N this to pinterestTPP1264P I N this to pinterestTPP1265P I N this to pinterestTPP1215P I N this to pinterestTPP1214P I N this to pinterestTPP1213P I N this to pinterestTPP1130P I N this to pinterestTPP1115P I N this to pinterestTPP1119P I N this to pinterestTPP1102P I N this to pinterestTable3P I N this to pinterestTable1P I N this to pinterestguestgiftsP I N this to pinterest_MG_3493P I N this to pinterest_MG_3533P I N this to pinterest_MG_3524P I N this to pinterest_MG_3505P I N this to pinterest_MG_3506P I N this to pinterest

I am so excited to share the behind the scenes photos from Tova and Scott’s wedding. These guys were the perfect couple and clients that i could ask for. Mazel Tov

we decided to create an indoor garden at our favorite venue with a pop of color through their napkins and florals, gold cutlery and lots of greenery. Behind the scenes pic : Hikari photography

Thanks again to my A-team :

Full planning and Styling: Wedding Day PA

Florals: Botanics of Melbourne

Paperie: Adelphi Mou

Linen: Table Art

Brass Candleholders : Event Art

Venue: Panama Dining Room

170122WPA-106P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-109P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-105P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-097P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-093P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-089P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-081P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-057P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-038P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-035P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-026P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-001P I N this to pinterest170122WPA-003P I N this to pinterest